Yelp Reviews

Ida S. Hudson, WI 3/7/2018
5 stars for the best massage I have ever had. 5 stars for the wonderful and insightful conversation given me by my amazing masseuse Rebecca.

The Good Informant, T. Minneapolis, MN 8/6/2016

Rebecca is the best and I mean the best masseuse in Minneapolis period. If you still need to read on I have a serious neck issue and she used a few techniques which provided real and lasting relief. I have been fortunate enough to use many spas in 5 star as well as medical centers and although well cared for never had the level of relief Rebecca delivered. If you have pain and are not sleeping go straight away to see her.


Shannan D. De Pere, WI 10/22/2017

I have a terrible back and Rebecca really helped iron it out.


Shashindra H. Minneapolis, MN 11/26/2017

It was my privilege to have session with Rebecca, and she is well learned in this field with her healing power. she has not just worked on my stiff muscle but also worked on blocked negative energy. I am feeling very light and peaceful after.


Kelly H. Pisgah, OH 8/30/2016

Rebecca was my therapist and did an awesome deep tissue massage. I've been getting massages for 11 years and I'd rate her #1 for sure. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Sad I don’t live in the area or I would be back!


Mag H. Plymouth, MN 10/15/2016

My massage with Rebecca was exactly what I needed and a 90 minute heavenly experience. I had a migraine for 3 days that had made me feel sick all over, with knots and muscle tightness I couldn't get rid of. She zeroed in on the triggers and gave them an excellent workout! Rebecca provided a wealth of information about the body, healing, and other healthful data, for which I'm very grateful.

Rebecca is very warm, professional, and certainly very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed meeting her, and will hope to work with her in the near future.


Sh A. Toronto, Canada 8/20/2016

I really enjoyed every second of the massage. Rebecca was awesome. I liked the ambiance as well. One of the best massages I have ever had. She knows so much about the energy points.


Isa L. New York, NY 1/3/2017

Rebecca was fantastic for a pre-natal massage. Great overall experience.


Becka E. Minneapolis, MN 1/28/2016

Had a great massage today by Rebecca! She used just the right amount of pressure to relieve my tension, firm but not painful! Nice calming environment, I would definitely return.


Carmen A, Minneapolis, MN 12/7/2016

Always 5+ Stars with Rebecca. She has helped me tremendously since coming to her on a semi regular basis. After our 120 Min session I was spent but in a very good way. I was able to finally get the solid rest I desperately needed. A full 10 hours of deep deep restful sleep. I have not been getting more than 5 for the past 2 months. She is a true healer and I am grateful our paths have crossed. :)


Brian J, Stockton, CA 2012

I have no long horror stories about pain or injury. Instead I found myself suddenly on a slippery slope of pain and what felt like quite a risk of loosing my freedom of movement. I had debilitating pain in my sacroiliac joint. I had undertaken self help exercises to try and curb the accumulating problem. Even as the ultimate skeptic, I had tried a chiropractor.

Well one day I pushed it too far. My body seized up and I could no longer walk erect. I was desperate for relief and a path of recovery. Enter Rebecca, who made a house call to treat me. Rebecca didn't presume anything about the pain I was experiencing, rather she was inquisitive and perceptive. Once understanding the situation she knew right what to do, and I felt confident I was in good hands. Her confidence and caring hand made the stress of my situation melt away. I received a heating treatment and some basic acupuncture. This loosened me up and I attended another chiro appointment later that day. Rebecca also advised me on foods to eat to speed my recovery and gave me a customized tea of sorts. After making a healthy dinner for myself, I had some wine and got a good night’s sleep. After several months of growing pain and debilitation, the next day, I was fine. I was in total disbelief of being suddenly cured. I know now what the key ingredient was in my suddenly being fixed, but I do know that Rebecca made it possible.

Gene Z, San Anselmo, CA 2011

I had a very positive experience under the care of Rebecca Wendler. The quality of my sleep had deteriorated significantly over a few months. It got so bad that I was falling asleep in the middle of the day and many times had to pull my car over for fear that I would nod off while driving. This was never a problem before.

On my first visit Ms. Wendler did a thorough review of overall condition as well as asking the right questions to understand my medical history and lifestyle. After my first treatment my sleep improved.

By the 4th treatment I was pretty much back to normal. I couldn’t be more pleased.

If I had continued without her help I can’t imagine how I could even keep my job, that’s how bad it was.

I highly recommend Ms. Wendler. She is smart, knowledgeable, caring and diligent in her work.

I wish everyone I dealt with had these qualities.